Why Choose CTI

CTI Group actively recruits worldwide. This global network of offices is maintained through the effective use of the latest communications technology. Throughout our development, CTI Group’s commitment to long term, solid relationships with our clients, and “client first” orientation has never waived. For over twenty years we have succeeded in providing the best crew, products and services to discerning companies worldwide.

One of the biggest challenges today is identifying which agency to work with.  With CTI Group finding the right staff is paramount to the success of our clients.  With our headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and eight international branch offices, CTI Group can help your organization succeed.  It is essential that those personnel who are in direct contact with guests be selected not only for their technical competence, but also for their diplomacy, etiquette, honesty and good nature.  CTI Global Human Resources Department offers a customized package of services that best meets and often exceeds the needs of our clients.  Since our staff has real-world industry experience, they understand the business from all sides.

We are ever mindful of what it takes to succeed in a competitive market.  At CTI Group we maintain that our approach delivers results and a foundation for a successful recruiting relationship.   A testament to this is our success rate with the major cruise lines and hotels that have worked with us since our inception.   We can also attribute success to the thousands of recruits we have placed that have continued with a lifelong career in the hospitality and deck and engine industry.  When you contract with CTI Group not only will we provide quality services and staffing but also a hands on approach to tailor fit your needs.