MCSI (PT MCS International) is a Jakarta-based Crewing Management company established in 2012. We manage 2000+ ship crew members, excelling in commercial and ocean cruise line operations.
MCSI stands out as the preferred crew management choice with a strong reputation, diversified services for commercial vessels and ocean cruises, strategic partnerships, comprehensive training, and competent leadership.

Our Services / Features

Crew Management
MCSI provides comprehensive crew management services for both commercial vessels and ocean cruise lines.
We recruit qualified crew members to meet the specific needs of maritime operations.
MCSI conducts rigorous training programs to prepare crew members for excellence in our onboard roles.
We deploy skilled crew members, enhancing overall operational efficiency on ships.

We Always Try To Understand Users Expectation.

Join MCSI for a rewarding career in comprehensive crew management services.

Professional Growth

MCSI offers opportunities for career advancement and skill development, empowering you to excel in the maritime industry.

Diverse Experience

Joining MCSI means being part of a team that caters to both commercial vessels and ocean cruise lines, broadening your exposure and expertise.

Rigorous Training

Benefit from MCSI's comprehensive training programs, ensuring you are well-prepared for the challenges of your onboard role.

Reliable Partner

As part of MCSI, you'll work with a company known for its reliability and excellence in crew management services.

Strategic Partnerships

Gain access to strategic partnerships with CTI Group Worldwide Services, opening doors to unique opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction

MCSI's customer-centric approach means your expectations and needs are prioritized, fostering a positive working environment.

Personal Fulfillment

Being a part of MCSI allows you to make a meaningful impact, contributing to the smooth operations of ships worldwide.


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"Hi everyone, my name is Wayan Budiarta. Now I am on Carnival as Assistant Buffet Garde Manger. I would like to thank you CTI MCSI for their assistance to place me on board."

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Wayan Budiarta

Assistant Buffet Garde Manger

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"Hello everyone, my name is I Wayan Andika Prasangkara Atmaja. I have now joined Carnival Vista in Galveston as Assistant Cook one. Thank you CTI MCSI for helping me to achieve my dream."

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I Wayan Andika Prasangkara Atmaja

Assistant Cook One

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"Hi Everyone, my name is I Made Bayu Adnyana. I recently joined Carnival Sunrise as Assistant Cook 1. Thank you to CTI MCSI I made it to reach my dream to work in the cruise line."

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I Made Bayu Adnyana

Assistant Cook One