Assistant Dining Room Steward

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This job has expired.


Department: Hotel Department

Primary Function: Supports Dining Room Steward in all aspects of food and beverage service according to the established company standards.

Reports To: Dining Room Manager

Major Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for friendly, courteous and gracious service to all Guests.
  • Responsible for offering, selling and serving water for purchase in the Dining Room
  • Responsible for back of the house service delivery to the guest in the Dining Room.
  • Primarily assigned to the Lido Breakfast/ Lunch and the majority of dinners in the Dining Room. Maybe assigned other areas as per management discretion.
  • Follows all food handling and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH standards
  • Adheres to all company standards as related to all relevant Perfect Set-up presentations.
  • Performs all “Mastiek” duties as assigned
  • Adheres to the company appearance and grooming standards.
  • Responsible for the proper use and maintenance of company issued equipment and utensils in order to prevent damage or loss.
  • Follows company standards as related to maintenance, cleaning and sanitation
  • Maintains the highest level of productivity and service in the work area.
  • Reports immediately all issues pertaining to Guests satisfaction to his managers.
  • Works as a team with superiors, colleagues and other employees in order to achieve the highest possible Guest satisfaction from the services rendered.
  • Follows prescribed procedures for the delivery of service and their order of placement.
  • Follows prescribed procedures for the removal, organization and delivery of dirty dishes to the dishwashing area.
  • Follows all procedures for handling of clean glasses, china and silverware for table set up.
  • Complies with procedure related to clean and dirty items in the dishwashing area.

Hiring Criteria:

  • Diploma 1 hotel or higher (1 year hotel school), with minimum 6 months experience (job training included) or below Diploma 1 with minimum 1 year experience as a waiter at qualified hotels or restaurants (min. 3 stars level). Job experience must have been acquired within the last two years.
  • Must be male and between 21-35 years old.
  • Able to work well within a team environment.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Able to read and understand English and must pass Marlin test. Must meet HAL’s SPEACS and Marlins Test requirements for this function. (Currently Lower Intermediate and 75).
  • Must meet all requirements when promoted from other positions as part of the career path.

Note: Other duties as assigned included and not limited to Health, Environmental, Safety and Security responsibilities.

This job has expired.