Head Deck Steward

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Department: Hotel

Reports To: Assistant Beverage Manager / Beverage Manager

Job Summary: The Head Deck Steward is Responsible for the daily operations of all open deck service areas. This includes overseeing the set-up, maintenance & breakdown of deck equipment & other guest amenities that are related to the position and assists with beverage & guest services in accordance with Public Health rules and Safety and Sanitation regulations of the assigned areas & amenities at all times. Responsible for educating our team members and guests about our open deck services and offerings. Be willing to go the extra mile to assist guests and team members and recognize that every interaction is important, no matter how big or small.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manages the operation of the Lido Pool Deck and Seaview Pool, Sky deck, Sports Deck, and all open deck spaces and Cabana area in accordance with department standard operating procedures manual.
  • Monitors the Guest Services Standards on open decks, including maintaining cleanliness of open decks, enforcing pool rules, monitoring the Deck Chair and Towel programs, and monitoring venue music on the open decks.
  • Assigns duties, responsibilities, and workstations to Beverage runners and Servers. Observes and evaluates team member in performance of duties and provides remedial training to correct deficiencies and ensure courteous service to guests.
  • Supervise the onboard Cabana’s and ensure the services are provided as per the guidelines and menu designed.
  • Manages the financial aspects of the operation on open deck areas, through cost efficiencies and revenue growth through promotions and up-selling Beverage events and products.
  • Coordinate all open deck entertainment events, including but not limited to Theme events and SailAway Events.
  • Is fully responsible for the cleanliness of the deck, including Loft (SOE ships). Cleaning must be maintained during the entire day and has to be constantly supervised.
  • Is fully responsible for his team check-in in on time and that full deck set up with sunbeds and loungers are ready before first guests arrive.
  • Is fully responsible for all tables being bussed immediately, especially during lunch. Must communicate with the Beverage Manager if help is needed. Ashtrays must be emptied constantly and cutlery must be constantly reset during lunch and dinner times.
  • Must report any service deficiencies immediately to the Beverage Management.
  • Maintains all par stock levels for towels, windproof ashtrays, blankets, etc. Is responsible for the consumable and replaceable requisitions in designated areas. Oversees delivery and stocking of all items used on deck. Responsible for proper storage of deck chairs and all other utensils used on deck.
  • Directs and coordinates the assignment, training and scheduling of deck (service) personnel in accordance with operational requirements.
  • Conducts weekly inventory of all deck chairs, deck sun chairs, tables, towels, blankets and identifies out of use items. These items must be reported to the Beverage Manager on a weekly basis. Informs the Beverage Manager if more items need to be ordered.
  • Is fully responsible for writing and following up on all job orders including deck inventory, bulbs, deck restrooms, painting and carpenter jobs, floor cleaning and communicating them to the Beverage Manager, who in turn communicates with the Chief Officer and Housekeeper.
  • Assists on the floor, behind the bar if needed; is present at all events and shows.
  • In coordination with the Beverage Manager, organizes preparations and decorations for beverage special activities, events and sales promotions on deck.
  • Should train himself for at least 4 hours per week on the job training behind the bar and is familiar with all products offered as well as Mixology.
  • Assists with any project as assigned by the Beverage Manager.
  • Maintains all vessel records and forms as prescribed by company policies, manual and directives. Ensures that all reporting to the Beverage Manager is completed in a timely manner.
  • On a daily basis makes an effort to check in with every member of the deck team and monitor the overall operation encourage them. Makes every effort to take an active interest in the team’s welfare, safety and development. Ensures that everyone has a complete understanding of all the vessel’s rules and regulations, including fire, health, hygiene and safety policies.
  • Monitors grooming and personal hygiene of deck crewmembers. Ensures that all staff report for duty punctually, wearing the correct uniform and nametags at all times. Ensures that the staff provides courteous and professional service at all times and that Company standards, as outlined in the Beverage Operations Manual, are met.
  • Monitors entire deck service and assists if needed. Is constantly visible on all open decks to assure highest quality service on deck.
  • Provides periodic feedback on deck/beverage crew members and evaluates performance of subordinates.
  • Counsels non-performers and does not hesitate in recommending disciplinary action to the Assistant Beverage Manager in accordance with company policy.
  • Actively participates in the safety and accident prevention programs, including weekly boat/emergency drills.
  • Complies with and causes to comply with House Rules as stated in MR-1000. Maintains a consistent application of disciplinary procedures.
  • Assure that all garbage on deck is removed and that all environmental company rules are met. Inspect the deck at every possibility to assure cleanliness is maintained.
  • Advice guests do follow company safety rules on deck in case of misbehaviors and inform the Beverage Manager immediately.
  • Performs all other duties as required.

Core Capabilities:

  • Builds strong teams and encourage collaboration.
  • Leading by example and provides regular and focused performance feedback, thus creating a dynamic team.
  • Acts as a brand ambassador with the onboard teams supporting the company goals and brand direction.
  • Fosters regular and structured communications within Beverage Team.
  • Maintains visible presence throughout the department at all times and encourage meaningful and strong guest interaction by the team.
  • Exercises emotional intelligence to communicate effectively throughout all levels of the operation
  • Ensure to provide ‘collaborative leadership’ and feedback across all aspects of the deck operation, thus maintaining set standards and execution of relevant policies and procedures.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Experience in supervising a team of 5-10 subordinates.
  • Basic knowledge of beverage products desirable.
  • Basic understanding of all technical machines used within the beverage department such as draught beer machines, soda gun machines, coffee machines, glass wash machines etc, cleaning utensils, etc.
  • Ability to read, interpret and demonstrate the preparation of drink recipes.
  • Ability to investigate and solve guest complaints, follow up and meet/exceed guest expectations.
  • Knowledge of beverage handling procedures in regards to public health standards. Attendance of a certified USPH or HACCP course preferred.
  • Demonstrated aptitude for the management of headcount within assigned area, as it relates to and supports the business needs of the vessel. (Scheduling)
  • Interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Excellent appearance, self-starter, Guest satisfaction focused.
  • Knowledge of training and motivating the team on a weekly basis under the guidance of Head Bartender and Assistant Beverage Manager.
  • Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal service
  • Ability to manage an international staff in a positive and productive manner by motivating, developing and managing employees as they work.
  • Working knowledge of computer software programs such as Excel, Word is preferred.
  • Excellent open communication style with all department heads and all levels of employees.

Note: Other duties as assigned included and not limited to Health, Environmental, Safety and Security responsibilities.

This job has expired.