Life Aboard

Life aboard a ship is a lot of work and very rewarding. We have been asked many questions about life aboard so CTI-Group is going to answer as many of them as we can, if we don’t answer your question here, we will put a link in the bottom of the page for you to email us directly. We hope you will consider life aboard and let CTI-Group help you get there. From application to the gangplank CTI-Group will help you find the right position with the right cruise line and help you start you on a cruise into the future.

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How old do I have to be to work on a ship
What are the basic requirements to apply?
What does a C1D Visa do?
Will I have my own cabin?
If I get assigned to a ship how do I get there?
How do I buy things on board?
What if I need or want to call friends or home?
Do I get to go sightseeing
What if I get sick onboard ?
What are the alcohol rules?
What if I want to send money to my family?