Food enthusiasts, look no further! Here are our top culinary hotspots, many of which you can visit with P&O Cruises


Side-step the tourist traps along the Las Ramblas and dive into a vibrant world of late lunches, afternoon naps, feasting and drinking into the early hours. Then there are those lovely little plates. Calamares, frittata, croquettes, chorizo…

New York

From midtown street vendors to upscale celebrity chef hot spots, foodies can eat well at any price point in the Big Apple. You could tuck into a Mexican-style breakfast, followed by a sushi lunch and mid-afternoon cupcake, finished off with a silky Moroccan tagine.


They might not have invented pasta or pizza, but the Romans certainly perfected both. Whether it’s the minimal, flavour-packed ingredients or the rustic, wood-fired techniques, you won’t taste better pizza anywhere.

Buenos Aires

Steaks are an art form in Argentina and food-lovers here could easily find themselves in a parrilla (steak house) night after night. But there are also plenty of delicious vegetarian dishes on the menu, such as empanadas and casseroles.


With more Michelin stars than any other country, Japan is arguably the culinary capital of the world. It’s also the country that gave us sushi. But once you’ve nibbled up enough nigiri, it’s worth joining the locals slurping from large bowls of steaming hot ramen or udon noodles. And don’t leave without a visit to a hibachi (teppanyaki) restaurant, where your own chef will slice and grill up magic.


This is a city that takes its eating seriously. Perched on the Tasman Sea, there’s no shortage of seafood in Sydney, but you’ll also find magnificent modern fusion and awesome Thai food.


At the crossroads of several Asian countries, Singapore is mouth-watering mix of Chinese, Indonesian, Malay and Indian food. Elegant dining is well featured, but the city is best favoured for its street food. And there’s no need to fear a dodgy stomach either: in Singapore, even the food stalls come with hygiene standards.

San Francisco

Although the Bay Area is a famous hub of all things vegetarian, meat-lovers will find plenty of carnivorous hot spots, too. Try the Pacific Heights or eat off the grid at one of the bustling farmers’ markets or food wagons.


Like the city itself, Mumbai cuisine is a melting pot of colour and spice. There’s a range of international flavours on offer, but with some of the best and most authentic curry houses in the world, something with a little fire is recommended.


From hearty classics like Boeuf Bourguignon to chic simplicities such as a crusty baguette de fromage, Parisian food has that unmistakable je ne sais quoi that puts it firmly on the international food map. Book in for a fine dining extravaganza, or just stroll the boulevards until you find somewhere perfect.