Assistant Waiter/Waitress

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This job has expired.



To provide guests with courteous and professional service, and to create a pleasant dining atmosphere. To enhance overall experience. To anticipate guests needs and to assist the Waiters in maintaining high standards of service in the restaurants.


  • Maintain clean and orderly tables and helps to organize stations.
  • Prepare a good mice-en-place to ensure that his/her station is ready when guests arrive.
  • Stand by the table, ready to pull the chair for the ladies when guests arrive and depart. o Provide personalized service. oReplenish water, bread, butter and other items as anticipated.
  • Delivers food from the galley to restaurant stations. o If assigned to Food buffet areas, always maintain clean and orderly tables/stations, and assist guests with beverage orders.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance and upkeep of all equipment and any other ship’s property that he /she is working with.
  • To be responsibly minded for the breakage and loss of any equipment. o To use only ship’s authorized chemicals in the way and manner they’ve been instructed to.
  • To respect his/ her Supervisors, address him/her with the due titles, accept order without questioning and co-operate unselfishly, and be a Team-worker.
  • To attend departmental meetings and trainings when requested.
  • Personal hygiene and appearance – Always wear clean and ironed uniform / name tag –

Clean and polished shoes – Take a shower before the commencement of one’s shift – Have trimmed and neat haircut for men and moderate coiffure for women – Have at all times short and clean fingernails/ for female only light nail polish permitted. – Be always neat, well groomed and shaved – Avoid or use little make-up – Only delicate / appropriate jewelry to be worn

  • To perform all duties other than above as requested by the Waiter, Head Waiter and Restaurant Manager.


  • Safety
  • To be aware and follow Company’s Security / Fire / Safety according to the ship’s rules and regulations. Education / Training oMinimum 3-yrs experience in; Hotel, Restaurant or Cruise ship.


Standard restaurant background. Language requirements  Must be able to communicate effectively and to speak clearly in English with Supervisors and Guests alike. Other languages are considered a plus. Computer knowledge N/A

This job has expired.