Audio Manager

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This job has expired.


Department: Entertainment

Reports To: Production Stage Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Operate the main theater audio system including PA, monitors, amplification, and vocal/instrument reinforcement.
  • Manage the Audio Technician. Provide knowledge, assistance, and mentorship to staff working the audio installations in other venues around the ship.
  • Ensure that “life” of the mix is foremost and that qualitative decisions are based on the needs of the performance with input from entertainment management.
  • Ensure that the mix of a branded production stays consistent to the original sound design. Walk the house frequently during rehearsals to ensure the ideal mix throughout.
  • Work with Performers to create a satisfactory monitor mix.
  • Maintain par stock levels of all audio equipment and cleanliness and organization of storage lockers.
  • Repair equipment when possible and communicate audio issues to the Production Stage Manager and Manager, Venue Operations.
  • Collaborate with the Production Stage Manager on purchase and work orders. Follow up on the status of these orders to ensure timely delivery in accordance with current stock.
  • Assist in the assembly and strike of production scenery as directed by the Production Stage Manager.
  • Always follow checklists and guidelines to ensure safety for performers, guests and crew.
  • Comply with all health, safety, security and environmental policies of the Company.
  • Advise and coordinate any additional audio needs for charters and groups.
  • Perform other job-related duties as necessary.
  • Display impeccable dress sense and appearance in accordance with the House Rules.
  • On R-Class vessels, this role will absorb duties performed by the Audio Technician on the larger ships.

This job has expired.