negotiable Expires in 7 months



The major goal of the position is to ensure an effective running and control of the Butcher Shop in line with the Company’s Rules and regulations.


  • Responsible for the thawing, butchering and preparation of all the Meat and Poultry to be used in the Daily Menus.
  • Must have a complete knowledge of the United States Public Health Rules and Regulations and ensure that they are followed on a daily basis.
  • Ensures the cleaning of the Butcher Shop and Thawing Rooms as per the Executive Chef schedule, exercising proper methods to minimize equipment damages.
  • Must have his working area ready for any announced or unannounced United States Public Health type inspection.
  • Duties include the storing of the received meats and poultry into the freezers on the loading days.
  • Responsible for the Requisition and Transportation of the necessary items from the freezers to the thawing rooms as per the Executive Chef thawing schedule.
  • Must ensure that product yields and portions are according with the Butcher Manual provided by the Main Office and that proper use is given to all the resulting trimmings.
  • Must complete all the Daily Butcher Recaps as required by the Food Manager. oAssists the Provision Master with the Inventory Taking of all Meat and Poultry Storage Rooms.
  • Ensure that his subordinates come to work on time, and that personal appearance, uniform and personal hygiene are in accordance with the Company’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Must be familiar with the Ship’s Rules and Regulations and participate in all required Safety Training Emergency Life Boat Drills.
  • Must be present in an early standby each time the ship is subject to have a USPH inspection.


  • Participates in safety drills according to instructions. oComplies with Island Cruises’ safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures. Education / Training
  • Culinary School degree and a minimum of two years experience as a Head Cook in a

Hotel or Convention Banqueting Service. Language requirements o         Must be able to communicate effectively in written and verbal English and possess good mathematical skills. Other languages are considered a plus. Ability to communicate with his Head of Department and subordinates alike.

  • Authority: Over the Butcher Shop and a team of Assistant Butchers.