Carpenter/Assistant Carpenter

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To carry out any kind of Carpenter work and required deck work in accordance with the instructions from his superiors.


  • The carpenters report to the Staff Captain.
  • One of the Carpenters will be appointed as a Chief Carpenter. o They shall have training in Fire Fighting, Safety matters and Damage Control. o         They shall be familiar with all the Emergency Codes (Code A, B, D, O and P).
  • The Carpenter shall be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) including his responsibilities in the Safety Organization according to the Emergency Plan and Station Bill.
  • He has the following duties / jobs to attend.
  • During arrival / departure he will be on the mooring Decks, as needed. o The Chief Carpenter will be the Work Leader for the other Carpenters, and delegate jobs and responsibilities to them.
  • The Carpenters shall participate in the daily activities of the deck operation and be available if any emergency, which requires their participation, occurs.
  • The Chief Carpenter shall keep the Staff Captain updated on which projects / jobs are being carried out around the ship.
  • The Chief Carpenter has the full responsibility for the carpenter shop, the equipment and the inventory of equipment and consumables.
  • The Carpenters will assist the Staff Captain in making and keeping of the ships Key Cards, depending on what system key the ship has. They will also make metal keys according to Staff Captain’s instruction.
  • The appointed Chief Carpenter shall also participate in educating and guiding other, less experienced assistant Carpenters and other members of the Deck crew. o He must attend Maintenance and Required Meetings.
  • The Chief Carpenter shall be implemented in, and assist the Supply Officer in keeping the AMOS-D system updated and maintained for the carpenters inventory and maintenance.
  • The Carpenters are responsible for the Potable water filling equipment, and that this equipment is being properly stored and used in accordance to USPH Requirement.
  • The Carpenters shall make themselves familiar with the USPH rules pertaining to potable water filling and storing.
  • Must be familiar with the Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the SEMS, and carry out the policies and procedures appropriate for his/her position.
  • Holds a Basic Safety Course Certificate and all appropriate certificates as required by regulations.
This job has expired.