Chef de Cuisine Red Ginger

negotiable Expires in 5 months


Position Summary

The primary responsibility of the Chef De Cuisine Red Ginger is to maintain an efficient operation in assigned production area, by constantly analyzing quality and cost of food production.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Maintain set budget and monitor time management.
  • Provide ongoing training and ensure that the standards set by the Corporate Offices are followed.
  • Ensure safe, quality food products and complete guest satisfaction.
  • Work within organizational requirements, being systematic and factual when dealing with colleagues.
  • Handle conflict with logic until a solution is achieved.
  • Evaluate situations, calculate and reduce risk, justify and defend correctness, give reasons for views and provide shrewd judgment in any situation.
  • Generate monitoring systems that determine whether the organization is achieving the sett company objectives.
  • Ensure that corrective action plans are formulated and implemented.
  • Ensure the quality and standards of all tasks undertaken.
  • Resolve problems in a timely and thorough manner.
  • Provide practical advice and solutions to problems.
  • Ensure that tasks are completed, loose ends are tied up and the job is completed.
  • Seek direction and authority from others when needed.
  • Ensure full adherence within assigned area, to menus, recipes, methods and operational specifics provided by the company.
  • Conduct food tastings on a daily basis.
  • Correct discrepancies (quality, taste, appearance) immediately.
  • Fully responsible of the creativity of destination dishes when applicable.
  • Monitor and assist Section Heads to prepare the daily electronic food requisitions according to the forecasted figures.
  • Conduct the Dinner Service Line in assigned location.
  • Ensure smooth and efficient service, presentation and final plating.
  • Conducts menu explanation to the Dining Room Staff before the start of the Dinner.  Collect and enter all Meal Count Figures for assigned location into the ABS.
  • Communicate with guests in a positive and composed manner.
  • Accept criticism in a positive manner.
  • Visit Restaurant as often as possible during the course of dinner.
  • Ensure that Guests are provided with the best meal and service possible.
  • Follow up on negative feedback received.
  • Maintain and ensure that Public Health regulations (US, Anvisa, Shipsan, Canadian, Australian, etc.) are followed at all times on board.
  • Report any malfunctions and necessary repairs that affect the daily operation in the galley, and that violate Public Health & SMS requirements to the Technical department.
  • Conduct spot-checks and unannounced USPH-type inspections as necessary.
  • Ensure that all the HACCP procedures are applied at all times and followed accordingly.
  • Ensure that assigned area of responsibility is ready for announced or unannounced inspection conducted by Ship Management or local authorities.
  • Be present during all inspections.
  • Ensure and reinforce the daily Recipe review program with CDP’s and Section Heads. Recipe reviews must be submitted to the culinary department for review and approval.
  • Maintain direct communication flow with the Asst FBD for any provision-related matters regarding specific ingredients.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of how to apply the TAR and its procedures/policies.
  • Be fully familiar with contracts and work schedule.
  • Enforce the established working schedule for the galley team, based on 10 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Ensure rest hours are followed according to MLC 2006.
  • Ensure that all galley staff is adhering to OCI uniform and grooming policies:
    • Hygiene
    • Grooming
    • Personal appearance
    • Uniform
    • Safety shoes
    • Dress code
  • Monitor all daily requisitions, especially expensive items (Meat, Fish and Seafood/Flagged items)



Training & Development

  • Attend all meetings, training activities or classes related to assigned position as required.
  • Attend the daily Chefs Meeting to discuss forecast figures and the day-to-day operation/activities.
  • Evaluate subordinates within department.
  • Ensure that all food crew members follow the rules and regulations of the ship.
  • Monitor the training and familiarization of new food crew members to their new job and living environment.
  • Develop program to train personnel in appropriate area of responsibility according to standard ope rating procedures.


  • Responsible for controlling food and general expenses related to the production in assigned area, set by the Corporate Office Guidelines and Budget.
  • Ensure economical work practices are in place to minimize and avoid waste.
  • Maintain an excellent awareness of cost control within his team.  Control overtime and apply TAR procedures accordingly.
  • Work within the set budget perimeters.


Safety Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all safety procedures are followed.
  • Cooperate with the Staff Captain in adhering to the Ship’s Safety Program.
  • Follow the Ship Rules & Regulations.
  • Maintain a safe and sanitary environment for all guests and crew members.
  • Follow proper procedures and instructions at all times to prevent damage of any kind to ship or company property.
  • Participate in safety drills as required.



Maintain a high level of crew morale within the administration dept. ensuring that all crew are treated in a fair and unbiased manner and the team works with a positive atmosphere.


Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate in the Cooking Demonstration as required.
  • Supervise activities such as afternoon tea, pool parties, cocktail parties, Main galley/Terrace Café lunch service, and evening duties.
  • Attend any early stand-by in the galley for USPH purposes.
  • Work late hours for specific events.
  • Assist the Procurement team with storing operations and quality control.
  • Monitor and supervise the Sushi Station.
  • Ensure confidentiality when handling sensitive information.
  • Achieve the primary objectives of the position and comply with the above-mentioned accountabilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with SSSL policies.
  • Project a favorable image of the company, promote its aims and objectives, and foster and enhance public recognition and acceptance of all its areas and endeavors.
  • Comply with the safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures at all times, participating in all relevant meetings and training sessions.
  • Participate in all mandatory training without excuse.
  • To efficiently perform all other duties as requested by shipboard management or shore side.