Executive Housekeeper

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The major goal of this position is to ensure a smooth and efficient operation of the entire Housekeeping Department in line with the Company’s Rules and Regulations.


  • The Executive Housekeeper is directly responsible for the administrative function of the Housekeeping Department and the general cleanliness of the ship as a whole, excluding the galley, bars, open decks and restaurants, which are maintained by the Food and Beverage Departments, and those areas of the outer decks, which fall under the responsibility of the Staff Captain.
  • Responsible for the room service and delivery of Food and Beverage Guest’s requests ensuring Company’s standards.
  • Must meet daily with his/her Assistants designating specific instructions and set-up schedules for his/her personal, including time off.
  • Effectively coordinates the preorders and delivery of all Special Packages/Orders. • Supervision of the onboard laundry ensuring proper methods of transporting, sorting and cleaning of all ship’s linen. Must conduct effective inspections and communicate daily with the Laundry Manager.


Establish effective control of all Housekeeping consumables in order to achieve

Company’s budgets. Responsible for the maintenance of Company’s property. • Communicates daily with the Hotel Controller to get information on daily consumptions and requisitions. Must prepare the requisition for all Housekeeping consumables to be sent to the Main Office in order to maintain the established par levels.

  • Set-up and maintain a training program for the Housekeeping department designed for their specific duties such as how to use the correct cleaning materials and equipment etc.
  • Supervise the baggage discharge and delivery, assigning the amount of manpower necessary.
  • Reports to the technical department all malfunctions and the necessary repairs. Must compile the outstanding repair recap at the end of each voyage. • Keeps the Hotel Director informed of any difficult Guests and their requests or complaints. •

Participates in the all ship’s meetings called by the Master or Hotel Director and in the Weekly Department Head meeting with the Food Manager, Bar Manager, Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager, and will convey all the necessary information to his/her subordinates.

  • Maintains and ensures the United States Public Health Rules and Regulations within the Housekeeping Department. Must have in place a training program and cleaning schedule for his/her personal and designated areas.
  • Participates in all Cabins inspections announced by the Master or Hotel Director.
  • Ensures that all crew members under his/her direction follow the Ship’s Rules and Regulations and are subjected to a complete training and familiarization to their new job and living environment.
  • Ensures that all safety procedures are adhered to, cooperating with the Staff Captain and Safety Officer in the Ship’s Safety Program, at all times and they Follow the Ship’s Rules and Regulations.
  • Must train and ensure that all Staff under his/her direction is knowledgeable with the Garbage Separation according to the vessels waste management plan.
  • Keeps the Main Office updated with all the relevant issues regarding the ship’s operations, requesting the necessary logistic support.
  • Informs shore side Office of Human Resource requirements and schedules crew vacations accordingly.
  • Responsible for plant maintenance within the vessel. o Supervises the ship’s stores on loading days. o Must be familiar and knowledgeable of chemical products used onboard. o    On a per voyage basis provides the main office with all the requested reports and inventories.
  • Must prepare the payroll his/her crew on a bi-weekly basis and ensures that all crew outstanding balances are properly deducted.
  • Maintains a high level of crew morale within the Housekeeping Department ensuring that all crew are treated in a fair and unbiased manner. Handles all disciplinary matters keeping the shore side Office informed forwarding all documentation on a per cruise basis.
  • Must evaluate his staff as per company procedures.
  • Time and attendance. o Advise the shore side Management of position changes (promotions) , payroll change, crew request , crew certification , emergency leave , resignations, medical ashore / parole , missed ship and termination of employment.


  • Participates in safety drills, according to instructions.

Complies with Company’s safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures. Education / Training

  • High School education or higher. Must have proven housekeeping management experience in a high volume hotel/resort or cruise ship. A combination of 4 years of education and/or experience in housekeeping operations management. Language requirements
  • Must be able to communicate effectively in written and verbal English. Other languages are considered a plus. Ability to write reports and business correspondence in order to establish a good rapport with the ship’s Senior Officers and the Main Office. Must be able to effectively communicate with the ship’s command and Hotel Management.
  • Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, IBM AS400, Fidelio and Outlook
This job has expired.