First Engineer

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Ship engineers repair and maintain machinery and ship systems. Ship engineers, also known as marine and naval engineers, usually specialize in a particular aspect or device involved in a ship’s operations. Ship engineers work on board a ship and the job will require long, odd and overtime hours.


  • Organization of working routines and effective man-deployment for planned maintenance, breakdown maintenance and general cleanliness within the technical department.
  • The upkeep of technical maintenance records as requested by the Chief Engineer / First Engineer Senior.
  • Taking of bunkers and the direct supervision of all staff involved in this as required by the Chief Engineer / First Engineer Senior. o The upkeep of engine room emergency equipment and damage control equipment. o            Maintenance of main engines and documentation. oIssuing, distributing and reporting on regular basis maintenance and purchasing routines into Amos
  • Win according to specified responsibilities within the planned maintenance system including engineers under his immediate command.
  • The First Engineer should familiarize himself with company instructions and procedures relevant to his position. o For periods when the First Engineer is First Engineer Senior, his job description is of course as for this position.
  • The substitute for the First Engineer is the Second Engineer.


Good communication skills in English both oral and written.

  • Four years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Must have trainings on crowd management, crisis management, advanced firefighting and proficiency in survival craft and rescue boat or willing to go on training

Ship’s engineer require a physical to determine good health, acceptable vision and proper color perception. The job can require a great deal of standing and lifting of objects of 70 lbs. or more. Ship engineers must be in excellent physical condition. Assistant engineers may also be able to advance into the position of a ship’s engineer by taking exams and acquiring experience by assisting ship’s engineers directly.


This job has expired.