Fitter – Assistant Electrician



Work under direction within the Electro Technical team to undertake testing, maintenance and repair of electrical systems and equipment onboard ship to the highest standard in both guest and crew areas.

Primary Responsibility of the Role:

Under the direction of Electro-Technical Officers or Chief Electrician undertake testing, maintenance and repair of all ship’s lighting, galley equipment, portable electrical equipment, motors, fire control systems and other electrical systems such as: elevators, escalators and automatic doors.  Respond to defect reports and carry out routine checks identifying issues and carry out repairs as directed.

The post holder has a particular responsibility for identifying and replacing defective lamps and providing husbandry support to technical areas.

Maintain all working areas in a clean and tidy state.  Additionally, all electrical lockers are to be maintained to the standards expected by the company

Undertake any other duties as requested by the Electro Technical Officers or Chief Electrician.

Ensure all tasks are carried out safely and in accordance with all current safety and company regulations and provide assistance to other crew members as required.


Lead by example by taking care of the health and safety of self and others

Report all accidents, ‘near miss’ incidents and work related ill health conditions to manager / supervisor / team leader and to the safety department.

Follow safety rules and procedures

Use work equipment, personal protective equipment, substances, and safety devices correctly Take part in safety training & risk assessments and suggest ways of reducing risks.

Carry out duties in a safe manner in accordance with corporate policies and procedures


Actively promote safe working within teams and encourage safe behaviours.


Understand own environmental responsibilities and act accordingly

Apply practical measures to reduce water and electricity consumption

Apply waste segregation diligently both in work area and when off duty

Follow the correct method of disposal of surplus or spent chemicals used

Work in a way that avoids environmental incidents and report situations where environmental integrity may be breached

Handle materials carefully to minimize spillages during work routines and safely dispose of contaminated material generated during work routine


Complete all environmental records accurately


Understand own emergency duties and routines onboard ship

Take an active part in the ship’s team response to an incident

Ensure familiar with ship’s emergency alarms and routines

Ensure familiar in the use of all fire fighting appliances located within area of responsibility Ensure familiar in the use of the ship’s life saving appliances and equipment including lifeboats and liferafts

Participate fully in all relevant drills and training

Know how to raise the alarm when necessary

Able to identify escape routes and emergency exits

Understand the function and operation of fire screen / splash tight and watertight doors

Undertake duties as directed by a member of the fire party

In the event of an incident or emergency assist emergency parties as directed

Undertake other emergency duties / routines within the ERP as directed