Galley Steward

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This job has expired.


Department: Hotel

Reports To: Chief Steward

Job Summary: Operates, maintains and cleans equipment, china, glassware, and other galley items as well as dishwashing areas. Assists with transporting food, provision, china, and other supplies as needed.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Comply with company policy regarding waste separation and environmental compliance.
  • Responsible for proper dishwashing, food handling and cleaning procedures in accordance with USPH and company standards.
  • Follows procedure for handling, racking, and pre-rinsing of dirty dishes and the uncracking, storing and delivery of clean dishes.
  • Maintains a high level of productivity, cleanliness, and sanitation throughout operation and areas of responsibility.
  • Properly utilize, maintain and return equipment and utensils to prevent damage, loss or undue maintenance.
  • Reports any malfunctioning equipment or finishing’s in need of repair to Chief Steward.
  • Responsible for performance, appearance, dress and personal conduct in accordance with company rules and regulations.
  • Follows guidelines and instructions establishes by Chief Steward and/or Executive Chef
  • Perform other job related functions as assigned.

Core Capabilities:

  • Good listening skills and able to follow instructions.
  • Shows initiative in performing culinary tasks.
  • Asks questions if tasks are unclear.
  • Team player

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • 1+ years’ experience in a 5 star+ hotel, cruise ship or high-profile restaurant performing the functions of a similar position.
  • Certification from accredited advanced food safety program. Extensive knowledge in VSP preferred.
  • Extensive kitchen machinery and knife safety knowledge.
  • Ability to effectively read, write and speak English.
  • Degree from accredited culinary college or university.

Note: Other duties as assigned included and not limited to Health, Environmental, Safety and Security responsibilities.

This job has expired.