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This job has expired.



The Handy Man is responsible for minor repairs in Staterooms and corridors, on non motorized Housekeeping Equipment and Serenity furniture onboard Carnival Cruise Lines Vessels. To position is to assist in relieving the carpentry team from minor repairs in order to focus on refurbishment and major maintenance issues.


This position will report to: Housekeeping Manager


Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


  • Repair furniture – resin wicker polyethylene (re-weave cords, pulling ,tugging and packing the cord weaves, re-cording chair seats, hammocks,)
  • Tighten up loose screws, as well as replace missing screws.  Repair housekeeping trolleys. Repair Serenity furniture.
  • Replace missing door handle screws.
  • Repair broken and loose closet door hinges.Tighten up balcony chair screws. Tighten up bulk ladder screws.
  • Repair and replace bathroom accessories i.e.: soap dishes etc oReplace or repair damaged door gaskets.
  • Replace and repair door knobs.
  • Tighten up and repair exhaust vent screws.  Carpet discrepancies report.   Replace and repair furniture knobs.
  • Repair damaged bed side table and dresser edges.
  • Repair ADA stateroom shower stools.  Repair rusted/oxidized bathroom mirrors. Assignments as directed by Housekeeping Management.
This job has expired.