Healthcare Assistant



Work experience as a licensed practice nurse (LPN), Health Care Assistant (HCA) or equivalent role (such as enrolled nurse) or above, or Emergency Medical Practitioner (EMT) or equivalent, or Laboratory Technician

  • Knowledge of healthcare regulations desirable
  • Understanding of basic medical terminology and patient confidentiality.
  • Experience with administrative procedures.
  • Familiarity with the use of databases and spreadsheets.
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work cohesively in a small team.
  • Customer focused with proven internal and external customer service skills.
  • Problem solving skills within sphere of own position with the ability to recognize when to refer a situation to senior staff.SBN / HAL / CCL: / PCL: To create lasting memories by: / POA: To be a proud ambassador by:
    • Providing a high quality and professional reception, administrative and clinical care service to guests, crew and medical staff.
    • Acting as the first point of contact for guests and crew contacting the Medical Centre and to represent the medical team in the highest professional manner.
    • Ensuring that enquiries from guests and crew are efficiently and courteously handled.
    • Ability to establish and maintain courteous and professional working relationships in a diverse cultural environment.
    • Ability to function as a collaborative and effective team member.
    • Strong verbal communicator, proficient writer and adept at computer skills.
    • Ability to be efficient and recognize opportunity for task improvement.
    • Empathetic and caring to crew and guests.
    • Willingness to embrace and promote Company’s Core Values.
    1. Effectively supports medical team with non-specialized clinical tasks
    2. Performs basic triage, verification of patient details, recording medical history, allergies, and purpose of visit.
    3. Performs vital signs
    4. Assists the medical team in basic patient care, including but not limited to:
      1. Taking specimens such as blood, urine and nasal samples including for COVID-19 and Influenza
      2. Processing point-of-care (POC) tests, and operating point of care laboratory equipment Phlebotomy
      3. Urinalysis
      4. Wound dressings
      5. Assisting with moving patients, personal hygiene tasks and activities of daily living such as bathing and feeding
      6. Patient education including medication and use of mobility devices
      7. Performing ECG’s under medical supervision