Hotel Controller

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REPORTS TO: Food & Beverage Director

The Gig:

Performs all administrative and control services for VVCSL aboard the vessel.

Responsible for all VVCSL administrative functions including overseeing the maintenance of the ERP system, analyses all daily operations transactions and costs, controls operating costs by reconciling all inventory, consumption and revenue information, specifically as pertains to bar revenues.

What You’ll be Up To:

  • Technical liaison with shore side in regards to the ERP system and produce an FBS and ICS deficiencies report.
  • Must strictly be accurate with data input and output; this includes, orders, and receiving, includes data input and output of daily requisitions, inventories.
  • Must import and export all files send by or to Miami office by IT departments and follow the instructions.
  • Must work closely with the Procurement Manager to produce and send the end of voyage Zip file.
  • Entering of Food Bar and Housekeeping requisitions on a daily base and he must assure that all parties involved to follow issuing procedures (requisition signed, date, clearly mark the qty issued).
  • Must import on daily base sales from previous day to FBS and to inform and report if any discrepancy appear after comparing with sales in MXP.
  • Must assure orders to be entered in the system on time and send to office, signed copy together with exported file from the ICS, following loading schedule, if any delay to inform the office for the reason.
  • Additional orders must be sent to the office and if any local purchase is done or delivery he must process PO and inform the office right away.
  • Must do the receiving to the system after importing electronic pre-receiving file from office and do the changes to it after receiving confirmation from Provision master from the invoice and actual physical receiving.
  • Must send Loading and Discrepancy Report after each loading.
  • Must report for any spoilages and breakages after loading right away if they are coming from the supplier with attached photos and full report to be provided from Procurement Manager and Sr. Executive Chef.
  • Must check personally and approve for any spoilages and breakages on daily base operation and for any bigger amount of breakages must be supported with photos and all Spoilage/Breakage Report must be with the explanation for the reason of it.
  • Must input the inventories to ICS and to inform respective departments for the variances if any.
  • Production of daily and per voyage, total revenues and PPD report.
  • Liaising with the Bar Manager and Assistant Bar Manager to ensure maximization of revenue. Tracking sales target.
  • Production of beverage voyage-end reports and cost analysis for the shore-side offices.
  • Responsible for ensuring documentation requirements from ship to shore are followed.
  • Is responsible to perform inventory spot checks in all warehouses and bars and to inform the head of departments and send the file to office after, with comments from Head of Departments for the variances if any.
  • Is responsible to produce and send “Special services recap with back-up”.
  • Responsible for all transfers to VVCSL departments and all concessionaries on board for food, bar and hotel consumption and a signed copy to be send to office.
  • Is responsible to send all signed invoices after each loading electronically and by DHL if it is required, to Miami Office.
  • Responsible for all IT equipment on board and to maintain ICS network system and reports for any issues related with it to IT Miami Office.
  • Must report any operational deficiencies to Miami office, to the respective departments.
  • On board reports to Food & Beverage Manager for any disciplinary and safety issues.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Prepare appraisals for individuals under their remit in accordance with Virgin Voyages policies.
  • Attends passenger functions as required by Head of Department.
  • Partake in inspections, trainings and meetings as required by Head of Department.
  • Ensures that the set standards are kept and staff members work according to their respective job descriptions.

Super Powers Required:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as Hotel Controller or similar position onboard a Cruise ship or 4/5* hotel/resort.
  • Extensive knowledge of inventory control procedures with regard to Hotel and Food & Beverage Operations.
  • Demonstrated experience in motivating, leading and engaging a diverse workforce to increase synergy and improve productivity.
  • All certificates as required by the STCW code for this position.
  • Good command of the English Language

What Matters to Us:

At Virgin, your personality matters as much as how good you are at what you do. We want you to bring it to our hang out spot and help make the place even better. So, we won’t be surprised to hear that when people talk about you they say you are clever, on top of it, able to think ahead, intuitive, passionate and someone people respect and enjoy working with because you make things happen.

The information contained herein is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job, nor are they intended to be an all-inclusive list of the skills and JOB DESCRIPTION abilities required to do the job. Management may, at its discretion, assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.” The duties and responsibilities in this job description may be subject to change at any time due to reasonable accommodation or other reasons.

This job has expired.