Housekeeping Supervisor – Laundry, Linen, and Uniforms

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This job has expired.


Department: Guest Experience & Product Development

Reports: Assistant Executive Housekeeper (Back of House)

Job Summary: Supervise and control daily operations of Laundry, Linen Rooms and Tailor shop. Supervises the Laundry Coordinator, Laundry Attendants, LinenĀ  Coordinator, Linen Runners, Tailor and Tailor Assistant

Overall Responsibilities:

  • In charge of laundry and Eco-Friendly Dry-Cleaning operations including efficient workflow and maximum machine utilization, while ensuring high level of employee productivity, while always maintaining a safe work area.
  • Provide quality output of linens, which are clean, fresh and neatly pressed. This includes stateroom linen (sheets, pillowcases, towels, etc.) and food & beverage linen (napkins and tablecloths), guest laundry, team member/officer uniforms and laundry, pool towels, spa linen and towels, etc.
  • Tour dining rooms and staterooms to monitor quality of linen in place.
  • Establish and maintain quality control for linen, with rejection points, rewash and conversion of linen.
  • Effective supervision of laundry personnel, providing on-going guidance, coaching, on-the-job training and correction with respect to operational requirements, policies, procedures, safe operation of equipment and environmental protection.
  • At the beginning of each day, conduct thorough walkthrough of the main laundry, linen rooms and dry-cleaning areas, checking each machine to ensure all are in good working condition, paying attention to any operational, safety, hazardous materials storage or environmental concerns.
  • Ensure that laundry areas including deck heads, dryers (on top, beside, behind, inside tumbler and inside lower compartment) and machinery and surrounding areas are free of lint and any other obstructions.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date recordkeeping to include but not limited to: Flatwork Ironer Checklist, Laundry Lint Cleaning and Lint Removal System Checklist, Daily Wash Wheel Control, Daily Dryer Control and Monthly Laundry Report.
  • Report laundry items to be repaired/ maintained. Create job orders, make notations on laundry journal and follow up on all job orders to ensure satisfactory completion.
  • Complete and submit weekly requisition for chemicals and other supplies.
  • Monitor and maintain inventory of all laundry chemicals and supplies.
  • Complete bi-monthly fitness reports for all laundry and tailor shop personnel.
  • Conduct monthly fire awareness training for all laundry personnel. Such training shall include a discussion on preventing spontaneous combustion, only authorized laundry personnel to operate laundry equipment, not leaving the laundry unattended at any time, fire first response actions, etc.
  • Ensure that all preventive actions are taken by laundry personnel to prevent spontaneous combustion with beach, pool and spa linen as well as deck chair covers and linens from the massage/treatment rooms in accordance with HESS-MS policy.
  • Maintain a clean and safe workplace, with emphasis on employee health and fire/chemical safety, including keeping adequate stock in the PPE station.
  • Ensure all soiled linen is staged and stored safely, to keep within the required guidelines (not to be piled higher than safety red line, not to obstruct exits and escape areas, not to obstruct access to safety apparatus such as fire extinguishers, fire damper controls etc., and not to be close to operating equipment or motors)
  • Ensure all HAL protocols are adhered to while handling all Linen from GIS rooms including precautionary measures of sanitizing equipment
  • At the end of each day, conduct a thorough walk through of the main laundry, linen rooms and dry-cleaning areas, to ensure all machines and other equipment are in proper order. Ensure all carts, soiled linens and clean linen are staged and/or stored properly, with emphasis on fire safety, and that all hazardous materials are properly stored.
  • Supervise distribution and collection of linen to all steward stations, reporting and acting on problems arising in the process at any stage of the process. Part of the responsibility would include holding Stewards responsible for incorrect procedures being followed.
  • Prepare the linen room for Linen inventory process. Ensure all linen is accurately counted and staged for verification by AHK, EHK and Controller or designated person.
  • Ensure proper control of damaged linen process between linen room and tailor shop.
  • Visit tailor shop several times in the day managing efficient production by tailors.
  • Ensure all team member and Officers uniforms are correctly labelled (Permanent labels) as required either in tailor shop or main laundry.
  • Responsible for all administration work in production and issuing of uniforms.
  • Responsible for organization of the Uniforms store as per fleet wide standard.
  • Maintain effective and productive working relationships with staff, peers, managers and officers.
  • Follow and adhere to all health and safety procedures, training and requirements.
  • Comply with company policy regarding waste separation and environmental compliance
  • Conduct regular training with all departmental team members on food waste separation and environmental compliance as per Global Hess policies
  • Lead by example in matters of professionalism, ethics, responsibility, integrity, ownership, engagement and personal presentation
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties, as necessary, as assigned by Assistant Executive Housekeeper or Executive Housekeeper

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Preferred College or University degree/diploma in Hospitality Management related field preferred. International equivalent suffices.
  • Minimum 1-year leadership experience in the Hospitality Industry showing progressive growth in responsibility.
  • Preferred 1 years of shipboard experience within the Housekeeping Services environment.
  • Able to work well and communicate effectively with both shipboard personnel.
  • Ability to multi-task and handle constantly changing priorities.
  • Leadership, training and organizational skills demonstrated through experience.
  • Basic knowledge of Public Health and Sanitation protocols.
  • Working knowledge of computers and the ability to navigate within a variety of software programs such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Note: Other duties as assigned included and not limited to Health, Environmental, Safety and Security responsibilities.

This job has expired.