Standard Role Summary:

Work within the Technical department to ensure the equipment and engine room plant remain in working order, maximising the efficiency of the ship.

Primary Responsibility of the Role:

Constantly monitor the engine room plant and equipment whilst on watch. Identify any defects or problems promptly and report issues to line manager for further investigation. Carry out routine checks and tests and undertake repair and lubrication or equipment, replacing parts if required. Maintain record logs detailing current status and updating any action taken. Service and clean the equipment and plant regularly and undertake any other watch keeping duties as required. Ensure all tasks are carried out safely and in accordance with all current safety and company regulations and provide assistance to other crew members as required. Undertake the watch in accordance with ERM procedures and deliver good quality handover information at watch change.

Summary of Requirements:

Experience of working in a marine environment Previous experience as a wiper desirable Good command of written and spoken English Passed Marlins English test of Proficiency (where applicable) Certificates Watchkeeping Certificate Valid ENG1 medical certificate or equivalent for the duration of each voyage HESS (Health, Environment, Safety and Security)

Knowledge/Skill Summary of Responsibilities Health and Safety

Lead by example by taking care of the health and safety of self and others Report all accidents, ‘near miss’ incidents and work related ill health conditions to manager / supervisor / team leader and to the safety department. Follow safety rules and procedures Use work equipment, personal protective equipment, substances, and safety devices correctly 2 Take part in safety training & risk assessments and suggest ways of reducing risks Carry out duties in a safe manner in accordance with corporate policies and procedures

Public Health

Demonstrate at all times excellent hand washing techniques and coughs and sneezes etiquette Follow the company instructions regarding immediate reporting of ill health symptoms (i.e.) diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, and any other symptoms as appropriate

Emergency Duties

Understand own emergency duties and routines onboard ship Take an active part in the ship’s team response to an incident Ensure familiar with ship’s emergency alarms and routines Ensure familiar in the use of all fire fighting appliances located within area of responsibility Ensure familiar in the use of the ship’s life saving appliances and equipment including lifeboats and liferafts Participate fully in all relevant drills and training Know how to raise the alarm when necessary Able to identify escape routes and emergency exits Understand the function and operation of fire screen / splash tight and watertight doors Undertake duties related to the running of the engine room as directed Undertake duties as a member of the fire party, carry and supply the extra equipment required and undertake boundary cooling duties, supplying and refilling breathing bottles as directed As holder of PSC & RB may be in charge or 2nd in charge of a survival craft and therefore responsible for the safety and well being of persons inside Maintain order of the survival craft during abandonment of the vessel, ensure survival procedures are followed at all times and that all members of the survival craft crew are fully trained and understand their responsibilities In the event of an incident or emergency assist emergency parties as directed Undertake other emergency duties / routines within the ERP as directed Undertake any other emergency duties required that are specific to vessel Follow all emergency procedures as directed


Understand own environmental responsibilities and act accordingly Apply practical measures to reduce water and electricity consumption Apply waste segregation diligently both in work area and when off duty Follow the correct method of disposal of surplus or spent chemicals used Work in a way that avoids environmental incidents and report situations where environmental integrity may be breached Handle materials carefully to minimise spillages during work routines and safely dispose of contaminated material generated during work routine Safeguarding Aware of CUK safeguarding children policies and procedures Report any concerns of a safeguarding nature to the Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP) Security Understand the security levels as defined by ISPS and own responsibilities Follow the correct security procedures when embarking and disembarking from the ship Report suspicious activities, packages and / or security incidents following the correct procedure

Technical Knowledge/Skill Summary of Responsibilities

Ship Systems and Equipment Maintenance Maintain ship systems and equipment and carry out servicing and maintenance tasks as directed Identify any defects or problems with the machinery and report issues promptly Undertake other duties as and when required as requested by Supervisor Trade Skills Carry out tasks as requested, efficiently and effectively Follow instructions and plans to carry out repairs Ensure high quality finishes to repairs Tech Safety Skills Use the correct tools safely for the job required Ensure that PPE is complete and in a suitable condition for work at all times Emergency Response Environmental Management Recognise and report situations where environmental integrity may be breached Handle materials with care to minimises spillages when undertaking tasks Correctly dispose of contaminated material generated during maintenance activities 3 Customer Service Respond calmly and quickly to requests from passengers Deliver customer service within the agreed time-scales and to the quality required, ensuring passenger satisfaction Immediately respond to complaints and customer service issues, or report them to line manager, to ensure speedy resolution Behave in a polite and friendly manner with passengers and crew members at all times and in all areas of the ship

CUK Behaviours

(Refer to the skills profile for detailed CUK Behaviours) Self-Awareness When undertaking role thinks about how they communicate and behave and is a role model for others Thinking Ahead When undertaking role thinks about more than just the task in hand, proactively works to anticipate the needs of the department and plans ahead Being Part of a Team Works collaboratively with others to ensure the provision of an efficient and effective service Open and Honest Communication Communicates effectively with passengers, crew and officers ensuring a positive working environment Customer Centred Works with their supervisor / colleagues to ensure the smooth running of the Technical department helping to create the best passenger experience Acting Safely Takes responsibility for health and safety of self and others and always considers safety in their everyday tasks and activities

Person Specification

Has experience of working within a marine environment Able to take instruction and work effectively Works well on own as well as part of a team building a positive working environment Communicates effectively, keeping others informed of progress and highlighting any issues Calm under pressure, taking a logical approach to problem solving and involving and communicating to relevant parties Adaptable and flexible in the face of change or unanticipated events Organised, structured and focused on the detail in their approach to work Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times Loyal to the Carnival UK brand and compliant with company policies and procedures


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