Ordinary Seaman / Seaman Grade 2



Standard Role Summary:
Undertake all deck maintenance to the highest standards and ensure the appearance of the ship is kept in the finest condition.

Primary Responsibility of the Role:

Carry out day-to-day maintenance of all deck and public areas, including the cleaning of galley uptakes, swimming pools, Jacuzzis and all associated equipment. Carry out tank cleaning and other high-risk work. Undertake duties as directed ensuring all maintenance and repairs are carried out promptly, safely and to the correct standards. Undertake lookout and navigational duties as required. Report any defects or difficulties to manager and / or supervisor.

Experience / Qualifications Summary of Requirements

Proven experience of practical work i.e. painting, cleaning and/or general maintenance Understands the basic principles of Risk Assessment & safe working practices Good command of written and spoken English Passed Marlins English test of Proficiency (where applicable) Certificates Efficient Deck Hand Valid ENG1 medical certificate or equivalent for the duration of each voyage HESS (Health, Environment, Safety and Security) Knowledge/Skill Summary of Responsibilities Health and Safety Lead by example by taking care of the health and safety of self and others Report all accidents, ‘near miss’ incidents and work related ill health conditions to manager / supervisor / team leader and to the safety department. Follow safety rules and procedures Use work equipment, personal protective equipment, substances, and safety devices correctly Take part in safety training & risk assessments and suggest ways of reducing risks. Carry out duties in a safe manner in accordance with corporate policies and procedures Public Health Demonstrate at all times excellent hand washing techniques and coughs and sneezes etiquette Follow the company instructions regarding immediate reporting of ill health symptoms (i.e.) diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, and any other symptoms as appropriate