Staff Cook

negotiable Expires in 3 weeks


Staff Cook


As directed by the staff chef produce quality meals for the staff and crew dining areas in line with company specifications and USPH standards.




  1. To arrive at work on time in a clean, company specified uniform, with all required safety equipment.


  1. To prepare quality meals as directed by the staff chef.


  1. To ensure a fast and efficient delivery service to the crew and staff restaurants.


  1. To monitor stock receiving and report any discrepancies to the staff chef.


  1. In the absence of the staff chef liase with the duty Assistant Food and Beverage Manager in regard to food production, shortages, changes, etc.


  1. Assist the staff chef to supervise, motivate and train all galley personnel on a scheduled basis in regard to food quality, USPH standards, etc.


  1. To be knowledgeable and properly use all galley equipment and report any malfunctions of the same to the staff chef.


  1. To liase with the galley steward in regard to proper cleaning of the equipment.


  1. To ensure garbage separation standards are enforced and followed.


  1. To execute any special menus as requested by the chef for the Captain and his guests or other special requests.


  1. To perform all other functions as requested by the staff chef.


  1. To perform duties which may be necessary, and as directed by the management.