d Role Summary:

Provide exemplary, attentive customer service to guests during their dining experience, in all restaurant outlets including the buffet and Specialty Restaurants, ensuring a smooth and efficient service is provided in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Primary Responsibility of the Role:

Engage with the guests in a friendly and polite manner. Hand out menus, take orders correctly and deliver food and drinks quickly and accurately to the table. Serve drinks following company policies and procedures, including informing the Head Waiter when a guest has consumed excessive alcohol. Respond to guest  questions, particularly in relation to the menu or wine, where applicable, advising alternative dishes that may suit or help inform choices. Strive to meet the guest’s needs and ensure the correct condiments for the meal are offered, refill drinks in a timely manner and ensure the service runs smoothly. Provide attentive customer service to allocated tables throughout the service period. Process guest billing correctly for the charge of drinks and cover charges, where applicable, using the point of sale.

Set up and clear down tables, before during and after service. Check the appearance and condition of tables and all items including linen, crockery and silverware is of the required standard and set out correctly. Inform the Head Waiter of any fixtures or fittings that need repair / renewal.

Carry out flambé / gueridon cooking demonstrations at the tables, when required and perform duties as requested at outside catering / special events.

Prepare own area ready for service and keep it clean and tidy at all times. Use and maintain all equipment correctly, following standard operating procedures and report any repairs required promptly. Carry out all work safely, efficiently and in accordance with all current safety and company regulations, including the Public Health Policies and Procedures.

Assist with the meet and greet of the guests  and baggage services on embarkation / disembarkation days.

Key Responsibilities & Duties: 

Core Knowledge & Skills

Experience / Qualifications Summary of Requirements

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Previous professional waiting experience preferably gained within a 4 / 5 star high volume hotel or restaurant establishment

Level 2 Award in Food Safety or equivalent desirable

Competent in the use of most MS Office software

Good command of written and spoken English

Certificates Valid ENG1 medical certificate or equivalent for the duration of each voyage

HESS (Health, Environment, Safety and Security)

Knowledge/Skill Summary of Responsibilities
Health and Safety Lead by example by taking care of the health and safety of self and others

Report all accidents, ‘near miss’ incidents and work related ill health conditions to manager / supervisor / team leader and to the safety department

Follow safety rules and procedures

Use work equipment, personal protective equipment, substances, and safety devices correctly

Take part in safety training & risk assessments and suggest ways of reducing risks

Carry out duties in a safe manner in accordance with corporate policies and procedures

Public Health Fully comply with personal hygiene standards as stated in company and public health policies and procedures

Demonstrate at all times excellent hand washing techniques and coughs and sneezes etiquette Follow the company instructions regarding immediate reporting of ill health symptoms (i.e.) diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, and any other symptoms as appropriate

Environment Understand own environmental responsibilities and act accordingly

Apply practical measures to reduce water and electricity consumption

Apply waste segregation diligently both in work area and when off duty

Follow the correct method of disposal of surplus or spent chemicals used

Work in a way that avoids environmental incidents and report situations where environmental integrity may be breached

Handle materials carefully to minimise spillages during work routines and safely dispose of contaminated material generated during work routine

Emergency Duties Understand own emergency duties and routines onboard ship

Take an active part in the ship’s team response to an incident

Ensure familiar with ship’s emergency alarms and routines

Ensure familiar in the use of all firefighting appliances located within area of responsibility Ensure familiar in the use of the ship’s lifesaving appliances and equipment including lifeboats and life rafts

Participate fully in all relevant drills and training

Know how to raise the alarm when necessary

Able to identify escape routes and emergency exits

Understand the function and operation of fire screen / splash tight and watertight doors Take part in guest  clearance from public areas, ensuring guests  have responded correctly and the area is clear and all equipment is secure and isolated

Undertake guest  assistance including the use of evacuation chairs, helping guests  that require assistance from their cabins to the relevant muster station

As a Stairway Guide carry out crowd control of stairways ensuring the safe movement of  guests , directing them to the relevant muster station

Once all guests  are mustered become part of a muster station

Guide, direct and lead  guests to the lifeboat and disembark with them in the event of the need to abandon ship

Undertake other emergency duties / routines within the ERP as directed

Undertake any other emergency duties required that are specific to vessel Follow all emergency procedures as directed

Safeguarding Aware of CUK safeguarding children policies and procedures

Report any concerns of a safeguarding nature to the Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP)

Security Understand the security levels as defined by ISPS and own responsibilities

Follow the correct security procedures when embarking and disembarking from the ship

Report suspicious activities, packages and / or security incidents following the correct procedure


Knowledge/Skill Summary of Responsibilities

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Quality Standards Follow the correct quality standards relating to the restaurant department
Customer Service Respond calmly and quickly to requests from guests or crew members

Deliver customer service within the agreed time-scales and to the quality required, ensuring guest satisfaction

Immediately respond to complaints and customer service issues, or report them to line manager, to ensure a speedy resolution

Behave in a polite and friendly manner with guests and crew members at all times and in all areas of the ship

Food Hygiene Follow the correct policies and procedures regarding food hygiene at all times

Ensure all food preparation equipment and spaces are sanitised and clean at all times in accordance with company policy

Highlight issues immediately in order to minimise any impact on passenger health

Menu Describe dishes to guests  using descriptive and enticing detail and explain how all menu items are cooked and what ingredients are included, including herbs and spices Suggest menu choices and alternatives to guests based on their stated preferences

Explain all of the culinary terms used on the menu for guests

Waiting Anticipate guest needs without being directly asked through observation of body language and listening, providing a high level of service

Take orders accurately, which can be read and understood

Confidently and professionally deal with any guest queries or incidents

Maintain excellent poise and body language throughout service

Ensure all tables are set correctly for each service period

Follow the correct waiting standards as required for the particular restaurant / outlet



Understand special dietary requirements for  guests

Discuss dietary problems with relevant guests  and proactively inform them of the menu items which may cause them an issue, when required

Ensure any dietary requirements are appropriately catered for

Beverages Serve drinks correctly to guests  including garnishes where required

Discuss with guests the differences between wines to aid their choice

Help guests  choose the most appropriate wine / drink to accompany their meal

Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) for Passengers Follow the RSA policies and procedures correctly and consistently  Refer potential issues to the supervisor / manager on duty
Revenue Generation Use specialist knowledge to help inform guests on products and positively influence revenue generation
Cleaning Use the correct chemicals and equipment for the relevant cleaning job

Follow restaurant cleaning schedules and clean all areas to the agreed standards

Tidy up rubbish, hoover carpets and clean floors

Clear away cutlery and crockery and ensure all tables, surfaces and areas are kept clean and tidy at all times

Maintain and look after equipment, following the standard operating procedures

CUK Behaviours (Refer to the skills profile for detailed CUK Behaviours)

Self-Awareness When undertaking role thinks about how they communicate and behave and is a role model for others
Thinking Ahead When undertaking role thinks about more than just the task in hand, proactively works to anticipate the needs of the guest  and restaurant area and plans ahead
Being Part of a Team Works well with others to ensure an efficient and effective service is provided
Open and Honest Communication Communicates effectively with  guest, crew and officers ensuring a positive working environment
Customer Centered Understands how their role has a direct impact on the guest experience and works hard to provide excellent customer service

Deals with feedback positively and strives to deliver a consistently high service

Acting Safely Takes responsibility for health and safety of self and others and always considers safety in their everyday tasks and activities

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Person Specification

Able to balance plates and trays and deliver these without incident to the tables
Passionate about delivering exceptional service to guests and continually looks to improve service
Knowledgeable about beverages and wines, understands the difference between the main grapes and able to describe different wines
Self-motivated and takes pride in work, strives to deliver a good service
Attentive to the guests  needs, works to provide an anticipative service
Works effectively as part of a team to deliver an efficient service, showing trust, respect and fairness in their treatment of colleagues
Organised, structured and focused on the detail in their approach to work
High attention to detail, ensures the guests are well catered for and the service runs smoothly
High degree of accuracy, takes orders correctly and clearly
Keeps up to date on the food and beverage served in all areas of the ship and helps guests to choose appropriately
Displays good memory skills and is able to remember details
Calm under pressure, taking a logical approach to problem solving and involving and communicating to relevant stakeholders throughout
Decisive and responsive to emerging situations
Adaptable and flexible in the face of change or unanticipated events
Communicates assertively and honestly at all times
Socially confident and adopts a professional manner, comfortable making conversation with guests
Takes responsibility for own learning and is proactive in increasing own knowledge and skills
Loyal to the Carnival UK brand and compliant with company policies and procedures