Celebrity Cruises recognized the company’s top partners with the 2022 Top Travel Agent Advisor Awards on December 20.

Dondra Ritzenthaler, senior vice president of sales, said: “The Celebrity brand lives up to the mantra of ‘make a comeback stronger than a setback’ thanks to endless passion and hard work. hard work of our wonderful partner travel agencies and travel advisors”. , Americas, Celebrity Cruises.

“Together, we’ve created incredible momentum and we couldn’t be more excited about all that’s to come for us in the new year, especially as we prepare to launch a ship belonging to Another stunning Edge Resort-at-sea series. , Celebrity Ascent. On On behalf of the entire Celebrity Cruises team, I extend my sincere thanks to our community of travel advisors and best wishes. the best for an incredible year in 2023,” added Ritzenthaler.

The cruise line expresses gratitude to its leading travel partners operating in North America for the joint growth of the company, continuing to support the partnership and innovative marketing efforts that increase awareness. consumer awareness. Winners of the 2022 Travel Partner Awards include:

Presidential Award:
itinerary planner
Presidential Award:
World Tourism Fund
Consortium Partner of the Year:
tourism leader
Field Sales Account of the Year:
Cruises and unlimited tours
Strategy Account of the Year:
International travel planners
Online Partner of the Year:
Crown Cruises Holidays
Home Agent Account of the Year:
Nexion Co., Ltd
Franchise Network Account of the Year:
CruiseOne/Dream Vacations
Famous yacht Rising star of the year:
Attractive Hanoi Tourist
Corporate Meetings and Preferred Account of the Year:
3D Yacht Partner
Internal sales account of the year:
Son Tung Tourist places
Canadian Account of the Year:
Nexion Canada Company Limited
Account of the year for the central region:
Northeast Regional Account of the Year:
Web Cruise Inc
Account of the year for the Southeast region:
Itinerary planners Julie Irovando and Tawnee Sons
Western Region Account of the Year:
direct travel